The poetry included in 'To Whom It May Concern' reveals a wealth of mixed and meaningful messages that express the depths of our being and life as a whole in an attempt to get something across to the world.


When his sister passes away having battled a lifelong illness, Ralph wishes to leave his village behind once and for all. His only concern being his fiancée, who he discovers may have been having an affair with his best friend; revealed by a lost soul in the surrounding woods.


Having fallen victim to a girl's head games, combined with having a hard time getting over his somewhat embarrassing past, staying in halls of residence has become a growing burden for Ryan following a breakdown, and there is only so much he can take before he does something extreme - if not to himself, then to someone else.


Meanwhile, a killer lurks about the building, seemingly carrying out revenge on Ryan's behalf... is a friend or secret admirer behind the murders? Or has Ryan's breakdown actually taken a deadly turn after all?


'Lyrical Lot' contains a collection of 120 poems that take a philosophical and psychological approach towards addressing human nature - sharing a wealth of mixed and meaningful messages expressing the depths of our being. Themes such as failed romance, the effects of time, and battling it out with our inner demons play their part with pain and passion going hand in hand in the arduous journey to self-discovery.


Despite revealing the morbid side of life, 'Morgue' contains a collection of poems that incorporate philosophical thinking with a slight dig or two at religion, exploring life on a more psychological level.



When a mob boss murders his lover, realizing she's been involved with someone else, his right-hand man begins to tread very carefully, being the one who was involved. Tensions rising, the right-hand man must find a way to carefully take revenge on his boss and escape the mob completely before they too realize what's going on.

Two young couples go about their week through a number of genres - their lives are in a state of bewilderment when the protagonist dreams a playful demon has tampered with a sort of microchip behind life itself.


While seeking professional help and meeting another woman, an alcohol dependent security guard finds that dependency gone, promising a fresh start. An ensemble about the breakdown of relationships and how to go about rebuilding them.


Getting on, Pierce is married but wants a child. His friend Louis is also eager to settle, having been single all of his life. Meanwhile, Barry, a magnet, meets a woman who brings out the best in him.

When a man goes away, pending his divorce, the city is inflicted with memory loss. Having to return to jog the memory of his family, he must also come to terms with the thing that brought about the divorce in the first place... the breakdown and alcoholism he struggled with the year before.

After being drugged and rid of her naivety by a guy in a nightclub, a studious young woman gets herself back on track. Upon arranging a day date with a seemingly shady yet genuine guy, she's unaware her overprotective father is actually following them... the guy in question discovering his good friend was behind the club incident.


When a city guy leaves his world behind, relocating to a village for a quieter life, he meets a young woman ironically looking to escape her life. After hitting it off overnight, she's oblivious to the fact her parents' marriage is falling apart at the same time.


With the fight against a terrorist organization under way, a Navy SEAL becomes a one man army after the supposed murder of his girlfriend. Under the influence of a man claiming to be from another realm, he must carry out a series of assassinations in order to be reunited with her... is he losing his mind, or is he merely being strung along to serve the organization?


Entities residing in the flip side to life come to us in different forms; whether ghostlike, angelic/demonic, discreet/deceptive, robotic - they address our standing in the world, coming to those who have most often reached their lowest - this state of mind enabling the brain to channel into frequencies the most effectively.


The flip side is where these lost souls are keeping tabs on us from, desperate to be joined. I refer to it as an underlay, given the grim nature of the beings sifting through to our own world, and what their motives are... most are out to obtain your soul rather than save you.


A coming-of-age drama about a young woman having to come to terms with family dysfunction, a failed teenage romance she shared with another girl, a guy she meets in France she takes for granted, and her battle with alcoholism.


Fiona's outlet in life pertains to her driven artistic nature, for which she exhibits a knack for capturing life brilliantly in the form of sketches, you name it - someday she could go very far with it.


However, the one person who ever really got behind her and meant something to her the most felt it best to cut her off having decided a breakup was for the best since going off to university and falling out of love with her.


As we develop our character through times gone unheard or misunderstood, paired with deep-rooted passion, it triggers a longing to break out into the world to overcome the turmoil life emits. 'Shaded Echoes' pertains to said times and is a reflection on some of the sorrows of youth and battling them out.


The sun sets and she walks away - a failing romance, they happen by the day. The sunset dawns on this place of sin, in order to reach it you must first reach within.

'Vibrant Byes' is a poetic account of various tortured lives and human nature in general.


While seeking professional help and meeting another woman, Jared, an alcohol dependent security guard finds that dependency wavering, promising a fresh start.


Upon meeting a supposed deadbeat at group therapy, he seeks to help him along the way when he too discovers romance. But can the guy really change his ways and win this young woman over?


Meanwhile, Jared's long-time friend tries to win back his ex-girlfriend while supporting another good friend and colleague through her own hardship.


Combining facts with a dose of childlike adventure, the illustrated 'Ink & the Innate' reveals a little about particular animals and our experiences with them. A fun read for all ages!


'Night Wield' contains a selection of poems that touch upon the darker side of romance and a battle with ones emotions as they metaphorically hoard the hearts of past lovers and memories that evoke their inner turmoil, being watched over by the angelic and demonic.


'Madness Mirage' is a poetry collection that follows the journey of a shady hitchhiker looking to leave their dark past behind but inevitably can't help getting into trouble along the way.


'To Let' delivers poetry from a rather sinister and spacious, empty heart - willing to accommodate for a new love perhaps, seeing past the cracks and clutter, to let people in at their own risk...


It is easy to become clouded and jaded on your journey, whatever path you take in life. 'Rise' contains a collection of poems to help instil some self-belief and motivation in yourself.

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